We love nature – our guests know that!

Thanks to our day-to-day business we get to meet hundreds of people, every day, from different countries, from all over the world. We are so lucky to live such an international life! And we believe it’s fundamental to pass on and share our values ​​with our guests, and not only that.

Every single one of us, in our own field, in our own way, we can choose to take on a green lifestyle, and the decision is entirely ours. Some grow their own vegetables, others have only second-hand clothes in their closet, some refuse to drive a vehicle powered by fossil fuels, others buy only eco-sustainable products.

We believe in making our properties better, sustainable nests!

Now – what do we do at My Home in Como?

  • We bike to our guests’ check-in points, to begin with. Indeed, many of us also bike to get to work! Como center is often very busy, and a bike can really be the right choice… well, no wrong choice if it’s green!
  • We provide guests with eco-friendly products only! Washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets… strictly natural! And we don’t stop there! Guests love our Como Lake Breeze soaps and shampoos: we have developed a formula with exclusive use of natural ingredients, locally produced and certified!
  • We do recycling in all our properties… and in the office, too!
  • We promote Green Experiences to our guests, in close contact with nature and at the discovery of our territory with no harmful impact! Read our article on the Foraging Experience organized by naturalist and ethnobotanist Lucia Papponi. ⠀
  • Many of our homes have App-controlled heating, which we manage remotely. This way, during low season when there’s a few days in between check-ins, we make sure to turn everything off to avoid waste! ⠀

So, the answer is yes! We can all be Earth-friendly! From the traveller to the house owner, the world belongs to everyone, it must be respected and preserved for the generations to come!

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