Typical dishes not to be missed on Lake Como

Typical dishes on our Lake

Delights that you absolutely cannot miss during your visit to Lake Como? There’s many, the list is endless, but from the bottom of our heart (or belly, you choose…) we want to make sure you give these a try!

Persico fish Risotto

Very popular also on Brescia province lakes, it is a quick dish but with a refined and delicate taste! Rice must be Carnaroli and, in addition to lake fish, spices and lemon zest make it even more appetizing.


In the peasant tradition this dish was considered “rich”, consumed only during weddings. Let’s start with the basic ingredient: corn flour. The “toc” type of polenta is certainly the most typical, from Bellagio to be more precise. Use two ounces of butter, two ounces of cheese and half a liter of water to person.

Fried Alborelle fish

Small lake fish, Alborelle have always been considered traditional food: they fed entire families of fishermen! For our modern palate, the right crunchiness of freshly fried fish is tops! It’s small freshwater fish that until recently swarmed in Lake Como, but have greatly decreased in number in recent years.

Miascia cake

This cake was born from the desire not to throw away anything, including leftovers! Made with simple ingredients, old bread softened in milk and mixed with eggs, raisins, fresh and dried fruit. This dessert embodies the concept of simple and genuine cuisine of Lake Como.


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