Top 5 terraces around Como you can drive to

Day trip in the green

Before the looming, new restrictions, nothing can stop us from spending a weekend in the fresh air, at a location with amazing views… and easily accessible by car! We have tried several options firsthand … and we have selected a few just for you!

Castello di Baradello


On the right side of all the photos of the city taken from the lake you can always spot the Castle-Guardian of Como! You can drive up to the middle of the hill, and the remaining 15 minutes on foot are a pleasant walk inside the Spina Verde Park.

Croce di Sant’Eutichio


Reaching the top of Monte Croce by car is simple: set the destination Croce di Sant’Eutichio on your sat-nav and you will reach it in less than 20 minutes from the center of Como!

Faro Voltiano, Brunate


The “Balcony of the Alps” is located 15 minutes by car from the center of Como, 500 meters above the city and the lake: Brunate is known for its Art Nouveau villas, for the cable car, and higher up, for the Lighthouse. With a splendid view of the Alps and the Apennines, this monument is dedicated to one of the most illustrious Como’s inventors – Alessandro Volta.

Madonna del Ghisallo


This pretty church is located in the heart of the Lariano Triangle (Como-Lecco-Bellagio), a 40-minute drive from the center of Como. It is well known as a destination for professional and amateur cyclists. Reason why, after the Second World War, the Madonna del Ghisallo became the “Patroness of Italian cyclists”.

Monte Bisbino

With just 40 minutes by car from Como you can reach the summit of Monte Bisbino, with its Sanctuary dedicated to the Blessed Virgin and surrounding garden ideal for a picnic with an international view: over Italy and Switzerland!

What do you think? Our philosophy is – “try and advise”! Hopefully these hints will be useful for your weekend!

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