Le Golose Imperfezioni: sustainable creativity behind the kitchen top

Restaurant? Bar? Café? We are not really able to define this fascinating corner of delicious food, with organic ingredients and unique mastery in presenting their own dishes!

Ale and Marco are based at Via 5 Giornate, 49 in Como, where they cuddle and give advice to their loyal customers… and to everyone wishing to indulge in a Bio break: a natural and sustainable delight to your palate, and an atmosphere that will surprise you!

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Sweet and savoury, there is a choice for all tastes and requests!

A loaf of bread based on apricots and hempseed on a long leavening process, amazing vegan hamburger with Maiorca and delightful cannellini beans hummus, homemade piadina with orange-flavoured marinated tofu and teryaki, exclusively seasonal veggies (pumpkin, carrot, dandelion leaves…) for the best, full-on experience!

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And coffee with anisette biscuits? And strudel with figs and apples?

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Forget about the “classic” vegan and vegeterian cuisine.

This is next level!

Take your time to think about your health and lifestyle, and have a chat with Ale and Marco about food and nutrition… they know all the ins and outs!

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