Your weekend in sunny Lake Como from 190€

Gather with family and close ones for a healthy break in nature, with wide open water ahead of you and pastel-hued villas by the lake.

Can’t wait to travel with family, grandchildren, closest friends? Take a look at our spacious properties, ideal for families or groups: overlooking the lake or in the historic center, plunged in these beautiful natural landscapes a stone’s throw away from the lake or in the lively town. The choice is wide, you just have to choose! We guarantee the sanitization of all surfaces, including all household appliances, furniture parts, and any device with a control button (TV remote control, air conditioning, etc.). All cleaning operations are carried out by personnel wearing face protection, disposable gloves, disposable waterproof long-sleeved shirts.

Here’s some of our Lake view properties:

Some of our properties in the historical centre of Como: